Product overview

Innovative Diamond Tooling
for Sewer Rehabilitation

Today's state-of-the-art robot technologies have made sewer rehabilitation fast and cost-effective. The tooling used plays a crucial role in the rehab process: The best robot is only as good as the tooling it is used with.

We offer a variety of product lines with a wide range of high-quality premium and standard tooling. Users can select the best tooling for the job at hand in accordance with the robots used and the materials to be processed.

Product lines

High-Traction Wheels

For Camera Carriages and Rehab Robots

When the going gets tough…

Challenging pipeline configurations and conditions can make life tough for operators of sewer inspection and rehabilitation equipment.
Various factors – such as excessive supply cable length, slippery surfaces and heavy fouling – can prevent the CCTV or rehab system from moving forward through the line.
The solution to the problem: high-traction wheels with tungsten carbide grit facing, custom designed for the vehicle at hand and available in steel and stainless steel designs.
They work very much like studded snow chains used on automotive tires. The carbide facing has a hard, rough surface which dramatically increases wheel traction.
The grain size distribution of the carbide grit can be selected as required to provide optimized wheels for specific pipe surfaces and applications.

Warning: Grit-faced wheels may cause surface damage to pipe walls and CIPP liners.
Use at your own risk!

Custom Tooling

For Special Requirements not covered by our Standard Product Range

We can develop custom-designed tooling solutions for your specific sewer rehab needs. Using state-of-the-art design software and advanced fabrication technologies, we produce your tooling cost-efficiently and with minimum lead time.

As we see it, the key to helping you is to meet with you and fully understand your requirements. Only then can we provide expert applications engineering to realize the optimum solution of the problem at hand. Contact us – we’ll show you the way!

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